About Lever

Lever is an integrated marketing enterprise with business in  retail marketing management, PR services, exhibition, media publishing, marketing planning and graphic design.

Lever's HQ is in Shanghai, and we have branch companies in Beijing, and Guangzhou, with more than 500full time employees;also we have58site offices across all of China.

Since founded in 2005, we provide high end BTL service to over 40clients in sports, Auto, IT, FMCG and Tobacco industry.

Group Structure

Founded in 2009, focused on in-store promotion, sampling, marketing research, and long-term promotion.

Founded in 2005, focused on PR service, exhibition, press conference, road show and graphic design.





Founded in 2009, focused on in-store promotion, sampling, marketing research, and long-term promotion.

Founded in 2005, focused on PR service, exhibition, press conference, road show and graphic design.

Founded in 2011, focused on providing regional (mainly North China) marketing services.

Founded in 2006, focused on creativity and design, and develop into a brand management and consulting company.

Scope of business

PR activities

  • Exhibition
  • Auto show
  • Celebrity meeting
  • Road show
  • CBD display
  • New product launch


Retail marketing channels

  • Short-term promotion
  • Survey
  • Sampling
  • Mid to long-term promotion
  • Nightclub promotion

Design, props

  • 3D design
  • Graphic design
  • Printing and production
  • Prop production
  • Exhibit construction

Business flow

Core value

Treasure every opportunity to serve clients, strive to provide more than expected service, and to become clients long term partner.

Lever cares about all the employees, especially those who want to grow together with us, we want them to earn from our company's success.

Obey the regulation, acquire profits through value added service. Lever asks our employees to conduct service with that code above.

Understand each other, support each other, respect each other, care about each other, a team like that, will win anything.


Company spirit

Responsibility Responsibility is the key of our success. Lever strive to satisfy our client, our employees, our share holders, and to give back to our society. We ask our employees to be responsible to their work, to the company, and to our clients, in order to give better service.
Respect Lever shows great respect to knowledge and to people. Those who can combine their knowledge to work are our greatest treasure. Lever tries to be a learning organization, encourages our people to learn more, be better, to better serve our clients.
Cooperation Personal effort and teamwork are both encouraged here, as long as the goal is unified. Lever will be an open platform, to integrate all the resources, to give clients a better service.
Professionalism Professional plan, management, and execution, can give our clients with high quality service. A professional team is the key to achieve that goal. That is the reason Lever pays great attention to people, to build a learning platform, and encourage our people to learn more. By that, we can build a better future.


Lever vision

Lever and our employees dedicated to develop our company to the next level, and to better serve the clients. Over the years we became a more and more influential company with more matured management, more advanced technology and more professional people, and our goal is to be our clients' strategic partner, to build a better future together.

Our vision is to be


Lever positioning


Lever mission

As an open platform, our spirits are "open", "active", and "caring". We want to attract talents to our platform, to encourage their creativity to serve our clients and to grow together with them. "One goal, one future!", we want every people in Lever to be responsible to our company, clients and to themselves, and to share Lever's success!

Lever want to be a professional marketing firm, and we want to share our glory with our clients, to go advance together; while working towards success, we also want to be a social responsible company, to give back to the society.

Lever mission

A trailblazer in marketing industry

Trustworthy service provider

Builder of a grow-together platform


Lever philosophy

To get a better future, we are not afraid of change.

A people stay behind, the team stays behind.

Trust oneself to have the work done, trust the company to achieve the goal together, to grow farther.

An open platform, encourage our people to think: better method in project, in management, in service, and in product. Better thinking leads to better results.

responsible to yourself, to your colleague, and to your clients.

bring to your clients, to you company, to yourself.

care about your company, clients, and your team, to build a caring platform.

Defend company's honor at all time!